Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Today, Jerusalem is once again in grief and turmoil after a horrible attack by a Palestinian bulldozer driver, who rammed two buses, knocking over one, squashed cars (apparently with people in them), damaged buildings, killing three people and injuring forty-five others. This was a horrendous deed. Perhaps it was terrorism, as it’s currently considered, or maybe a man let his anger against those he believed to be oppressive occupiers overtake him.

My prayer (in addition to praying for the wounded and families of those who died) and I hope you will pray with me, is that Israel won’t commit a greater wrong and retaliate ten or even a hundred fold against everyday Palestinians as they have in the past. They already shot the man dead. Every time Israel blasts rockets into Palestinian homes or orders tanks rumbling over Palestinian streets, squashing cars and buildings, everyday Palestinians are damaged, as are Palestinian Christians.

I love Israel and know that the Jews are still God’s chosen people but nowhere does the Bible say that a political state of Israel can do whatever it pleases to other people and be blessed by God. There are not two Yahweh’s, one that says “Exact vengeance!” and another who says through Jesus, “Love your enemies.” The Christians do not participate in the violence but they are often the brunt of it.

When I read Brother Andrew’s book, “Light Force” (with co-author Al Janssen) my worldview was knocked on end! I was grieved and astounded to discover the oppression that Palestinians, even Christians experience at the hands of Israel, that they show no concern for our brothers and sisters in the Palestinian church. In fact, the church asks, “Why are American Christians always for Israel, no matter what they do?’ and “Where is the church in the West when we suffer so? Why don’t they speak up? Don’t they care about us?” “Everyone wants to come see the ancient stones, why don’t they come see us ‘living stones’?” I urge every Christian to read “Light Force” for true understanding of how to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

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