Monday, February 9, 2009

A Blessing

May you believe who God says He is
Not what people say He’s not

May you base your faith on what God says He’ll do
Not on what your experience seems to show

May you place your confidence and pride in the Lord and who He’s made you to be
Knowing full well you can’t draw a breath without Him

May you be assured that Jesus’ atonement covers every one of your sins
And the sins of those who wrong you

May you remember that Jesus’ main desire is that we love

May you throw yourself wholly into trusting Him
Never leaving yourself a back door out

May you live as though the Kingdom of God is “the real world”

May you realize that you are no longer “only human” but filled with the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead
And that you are empowered to answer His call

Joan C. Thomson
(c)December 2001

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